Jonathan Hatcher Skateboard Park

Jonathan Hatcher Skateboard Park, a state of the art skateboarding facility, was built in 2009 by California Skatepark. Designed to help skaters progress from beginner to advanced, the Park is perfect for skateboard competitions.

An assortment of skate elements for all levels includes two angled rails, seven ledges, big six set, small four set, banks, pyramid and a small pocket “love seat” with two steps laid out to flow in different directions.

The BMX flow bowl was designed with three sections combined into one. The first section with three bank walls and a fast transition wall flow into the second part of the banks, tranny and two speed humps, then into the last section of two small bowls connected with a spine. One bowl has a two-foot extension and the second has a 4.5-foot vert offset.

The second flow bowl features three corner pockets and one square pocket ranging from 6 to 9 feet in height with some vert. All connect with flat walls and a speed hump. This bowl is fast, fun and provides endless lines to be skated as a racetrack.

The Peanut Bowl was designed to simulate a backyard swimming pool, offering fast transitions with a lot of vert, two dead boxes, stairs and pool tile with concrete coping.

  • 32,000 sq. ft.
  • Two flow bowls
  • Peanut Bowl
  • Two angled rails
  • Seven ledges
  • Big six set
  • Small four set
  • Banks
  • Pyramid
  • Love seat
Events Hosted
  • Georgia Bowl Riders